U.S. Block (Biscuit) Insulator

The factory produces many other block insulators for example so-called biscuits or American or red or concrete block insulator and vary in the form of a rectangular form depending on the shear system according to the size and size of the block to be isolated and all conform to sasso requirements

The method of putting the insulation inside the block is placed after the manufacture of the block unlike the type (insert) which is placed with concrete casting and thus the factor of thermal conduction is less as well as the severity of the cohesion, but in terms of isolating the block itself, it varies according to the shape and model of the block and according to the amount of insulation placed inside and its sizes and pressures, which the consumer should inquire about before the purchase.

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Filling Spaces

These products have great durability of all compressions and are operational as a good and durable unit. They are generally used to fill in different shapes and sizes in the construction of large buildings, bridges, roads, huge concrete structures and many other places.


In hot climates such as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf in general, the demand for energy for the process of air conditioning and air cooling is increasing The use of Overlab Maliki panels as insulation for buildings is one of the best methods of insulation because of its achievement of conserving electrical energy and achieving comfort for the individual.

Cork blocks

Afac Excellence Industry has two block production lines with a production capacity of up to 15 tons per day per line. The production of these blocks shall be in different sizes and the common size is 125*105*405 cm and can be controlled in length, width and height as requested by the customer directly.

Floating bridges or floats floating on the water

It is considered one of the best, easiest and most expensive ways to build floating buoys or bridges because polystyrene has high quality physical and chemical properties in terms of its high lightweight weight as well as high buoyancy, it is the fastest to float above the surface of the water.