Luminescent packaging decor

Expanded polystyrene wrapping is considered one of the best and safest methods ever, due to its high quality of thermal insulation and strength of cohesion in preserving products inside as well as its flexibility to withstand sudden shocks without any shock to the final product.
Accordingly, Al-Maliki Factory provides multiple solutions to the industrial sector by providing all packages, boxes or models of all shapes and sizes required and according to the customer's request.
This type of product is manufactured by specially designed molds.
The Maliki factory is completely and generally distinguished from the rest of the factories in the Arab Gulf region
 It has very modern machines specially designed for packaging and shipping products.
And you see this very clear by comparing the product of the Maliki Packaging Factory with any other product, whether in terms of product quality or in terms of the efficiency of working with it and the absence of water or moisture on the polystyrene product.
Some types of products that are manufactured at Al-Maliki Factory:
All forms of industrial packaging
Such as: electrical and electronic devices such as cooling devices (air conditioners) - televisions - refrigerators - washing machines - heaters - sensitive medical devices.
Shatterable pieces like cups, saucers, and other bottling bottles. And many other products, upon request, can manufacture any product to suit the material to be preserved, wrapped or shipped.

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Geo Fum El-Malki

The proprietary Geo-Foam product is considered an environmentally friendly product that provides packaging solutions for large areas with very light weight and excellent durability and forms a large mass of polystyrene. It is generally used to bury (bury) the land with its high weight bearing capacity, low cost and light weight, and greatly reduce the load on The basic compressive soils are used for all geotechnical projects. We note that modern technical projects cannot be completed without Al-Maliki Geo Foam.

Floating bridges or floats floating on the water

It is considered one of the best, easiest and most expensive ways to build floating buoys or bridges because polystyrene has high quality physical and chemical properties in terms of its high lightweight weight as well as high buoyancy, it is the fastest to float above the surface of the water.

Insulation or encapsulation panels

Maliki panels are used for thermal and sound insulation purposes, in construction and flatness works, and as insulating partitions between concrete castings. Among these uses:

Decoration art, sculpture and events

Let us bring your concept to real life and take you wherever your imagination wants We specialize in creating themed events with our clients with attention to all their details throughout all project stages.