Hurdy Flynn

It is used in ceilings instead of a normal or red block and is placed before the concrete is poured and is available in several sizes and refrains and starts from a pressure of 16kg /m3 or on request.

The common size is 200 x 40 cm, while the thickness is three sizes (20-25-30 cm)
The length of the product can be controlled up to 405 cm depending on the customer’s request for some buildings in order to save effort and material cost such as concrete and iron.

We also have cnc machines to cut the hordi with inclinations and form to suit the nature of the work, which contributes to the saving of material cost as well as the strength and durability of the concrete surface.

In a simple comparison between polystar in urdy with other substances we find that

One of its most important features
1. Total lightness which reduces loads on foundations
2. Easy transportation and installation saving time and effort
3. Thermal insulation significantly between different roles
4. Significant savings in the amount of armament which reduces the material cost on the project
5. Contributes to the insulation of sound and heat if the pressure above 12km /m3 materials is fire resistant (SASO match)
6. A good shock absorber that is not affected by any chemicals. It is not affected by fungi and does not decompose over time.
Note: Many sizes can be provided in different shapes, sizes and pressures as requested by the client

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