Geo Fum El-Malki

The proprietary Geo-Foam product is considered an environmentally friendly product that provides packaging solutions for large places with very light weight and excellent durability and forms a large mass of polystyrene. The basic compressive soils are used for all geotechnical projects. We note that modern technical projects cannot be completed without Al-Maliki GeoFoam.
This material is considered to be preferred by civil engineers as well as consultants or architects as well as geological experts and technicians. They have been successfully used in geotechnical applications and are cost-saving, lightweight, high pressure-bearing filler material
Among the most important applications:
1- As filler layers under highways and main roads, as well as train rails.
2- Under the airport runway, under bridges and parking lots.
3- Under the theaters and the sports stadium, as well as under the foundations, and filling the large spaces.
4- In dams and huge construction works.
5- Lifting the isolation of the first floor in villas and apartments, as well as swimming pools, sports fields and many others.
Among its features:
- High compressive strength, long-lasting, and a life span of at least 50 years, subject to no change.
- Ease of handling on the job site, which means easy installation as well as high installation efficiency.
- Ease of calculating their quantities, cutting or fixing them, as well as being unaffected by any kind of climatic rituals.
- It can be manufactured in ways that are ready for installation directly without any loss of time and with high installation efficiency and final product quality.
It does not biodegrade over time, but on the contrary it is considered one of the most important types of very practical insulators.
- One truck of soil equals the weight of 40 trucks of Geo Foam Al-Malki
- Anti-termite and fire-resistant (as requested by the customer)
Specifications and chemical resistance:
Harmless either to humans or the surrounding environment, such as soil and others, as well as not nutritious for parasites or insects.
- It is considered an inert material that does not interact with other materials and is inactive (inert)
- Resistant to corrosion and also resistant to chemical attacks.
- Non-biodegradable and does not react with most chemicals except for solvent vapors and solvents.
- It is an environmentally friendly material and also 100% recyclability.
It is harmless and does not have any negative or chemical effects on the individual or the surrounding environment.
Commitment to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
- Global warming capacity (GWP) is zero and ozone depletion potential is zero ODP
It does not change its properties or specifications with the passage of time, as it is considered a termite fighter.
 Note: Various sizes can be provided in different shapes, sizes and pressures as per customer request

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