Decoration art, sculpture and events

Let us bring your concept to real life and take you wherever your imagination wants We specialize in creating themed events with our clients with attention to all their details throughout all project stages.
Al-Maliki Factory is still striving to be at the forefront of the summit with its material and intellectual stock of great experience in this field to combine the quality of the product, the art of decoration, old experience and modern machines, that we are one of the pioneers in producing attractive designs aimed at setting new standards in high-quality products at competitive prices will be So our products and services are beyond your imagination.
The factory has dedicated the Department of Art and Decoration, which is a group of technicians and engineers specializing in decorations, sculpture and design, to choose the best types of decoration and the most attractive artistic pieces in order to give a wonderful impression in all events.
It is a section that highlights the provision of high-quality products that offer creative designs in both interior and exterior decorations that can be used by architectural applications, events, exhibitions, jobs and promotions, including:
1- Explanatory products that are used in school materials and that can be used as visual aids for student projects, and even in interior decoration of the classroom.
2- The most beautiful decorations for wedding halls, weddings, special occasions, pillars, columns, ornaments such as strings, theater designs and tourist destinations.
3- Many local and international festivals, as well as meeting rooms, lectures, graduation and success ceremonies, as well as school, national and private theaters.
4- Animation and cartoon characters to double the viewing pleasure. Any customer's favorite cartoon character can be created to decorate holiday celebrations and personal occasions
5- Facades of decorating buildings, palaces, villas, government buildings and installations, including arches, columns, 3D drawings, and others.
6- Creating all shapes for advertising programs in large size, such as some products such as cola, toothpaste, chocolate and others.
7- Decorating roads or gardens and villas with many beautiful carvings to produce the finest and best decoration products
8- Creating the facades in Islamic, Roman or Greek styles, such as backgrounds for theaters, festivals, exhibitions or studios.
9- We are also the main suppliers for countless newest decors throughout the region.
Shops and malls
Corniche decorations.
Wooden molds are no longer prevalent after they have been replaced by expanded polystyrene molds
This is due to its extremely light weight, economical price, ease of disassembly and installation, and one of the most important reasons is that it is cut with high-tech scissors CNC / CAM so that it gives very high accuracy according to the desired shape without any difference.
And it can be used in a lot of purposes: residences - villas - mosques and prayer halls - marketing complexes - residential apartments - commercial and residential buildings, offices and others.
And when you see a concrete building with a picturesque facade such as arches, mayors and side decorations, then make sure that this is a polystyrene decoration.
The required shape can be made, whether it is a column, arch or decorations, from 10 cm to a length of (405) cm, as one piece without connection.

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Decorative, sculpture and events

Let’s bring your concept to real life and take you wherever your imagination wants. Al-Maliki Factory is still seeking to be at the top of the list with its financial and intellectual stock of great experience in this field to combine product quality, art of decoration, old experience and modern machinery, as we are pioneers in producing attractive designs aimed at setting new standards in high quality products at competitive prices that will be our products and services beyond your imagination.