Comprehensive insulation system developed

The building is fully and comprehensively encapsulating with polystyrene décor panels. It is used for two purposes at the same time:

First: It is considered the best types of insulation for buildings it has been used in Europe for more than 50 years
Secondly, it is one of the best ways to encapsulate and beautify buildings with multi-shaped decorations as well as colors.

Its most important advantages include:

1- Matches the Saudi code in case the customer requests it
2- Conforms to the specifications of the General Authority for Saudi Specifications and Standards Sasso and is approved by the electricity company for insulation.
3- Do not leave thermal bridges connecting heat from the insulators of the building as in other insulating areas up to 100% isolation
4- Energy saving up to 80% thus buying air conditioners with fewer surveys and saving prices as well as saving by final energy consumption. in addition to its very economical price
5- Lightweight and does not pose much weight on buildings and is ideal for the renovation of old buildings in terms of thermal isolation and renovation in form
6- Environmentally friendly and durable virtual system exceeds 42 years and guaranteed ten years and is solid and strong and light at the same time
7- Enjoys ease and speed of installation, protects the building from cracks and weather factors and maintains furniture and tranquility inside the building.
8- Suitable for all types of buildings, residential, commercial and industrial, as well as used for concerts, theatres, festivals and exhibitions
9- Its materials are non-rotable, do not decompose or bio-damage, do not change in shape or measured by age and do not contain freeon gas
10- One of the best types of insulation completely where it envelops the entire building without leaving thermal bridges and is characterized by weak absorption of water or steam
11- All decorative forms such as mayor and corniche are available for doors and windows and the decoration of buildings and the possibility of any proposed product and for more you can visit our site GRC or any form the customer desires from stone carvings or aesthetic forms such as

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Related Products

Cork blocks

Afac Excellence Industry has two block production lines with a production capacity of up to 15 tons per day per line. The production of these blocks shall be in different sizes and the common size is 125*105*405 cm and can be controlled in length, width and height as requested by the customer directly.

Decoration art, sculpture and events

Let us bring your concept to real life and take you wherever your imagination wants We specialize in creating themed events with our clients with attention to all their details throughout all project stages.

Packaging Templates

Expanded polystyrene wrapping is considered one of the best and safest methods ever, due to its high quality of thermal insulation and strength of cohesion in preserving products inside as well as its flexibility to withstand sudden shocks without any shock to the final product.

Filling Spaces

These products have great durability of all compressions and are operational as a good and durable unit. They are generally used to fill in different shapes and sizes in the construction of large buildings, bridges, roads, huge concrete structures and many other places.