products of category : Thermal insulation sector

Insulation or encapsulation panels

Maliki panels are used for thermal and sound insulation purposes, in construction and flatness works, and as insulating partitions between concrete castings. Among these uses:


In hot climates such as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf in general, the demand for energy for the process of air conditioning and air cooling is increasing The use of Overlab Maliki panels as insulation for buildings is one of the best methods of insulation because of its achievement of conserving electrical energy and achieving comfort for the individual.

Hurdy Flynn

It is used in ceilings instead of a normal or red block and is placed before the concrete is poured and is available in several sizes and refrains and starts from a pressure of 16kg /m3 or on request.

U.S. Block (Biscuit) Insulator

The factory produces many other block insulators for example so-called biscuits or American or red or concrete block insulator and vary in the form of a rectangular form depending on the shear system according to the size and size of the block to be isolated and all conform to sasso requirements

Cement block insulators

It is a slice of fire-resistant polystyrene and conforms to the requirements of the Saudi Standards