It is noted in hot weather such as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf in general is increasing the demand for energy for air conditioning and cooling of the atmosphere

The use of over-the-top panels as building insulation is one of the best insulation methods for maintaining electricity and achieving an individual’s livelihood.

Al-Maliki Plant for Polystyrene products provides you with all kinds of insulation panels (overlap) preferred for thermal insulation in walls and ceilings, which reach a density of 35 kg / m3 or higher as requested as well as provides suitable insulation for cooling rooms walls and ceilings and in refrigerators and characterized by light weight, strength and ease of handling to suit all your needs and according to the sizes you need.

It is also widely supported and tried, especially the different building applications preferred by contractors to match saudi standards and standards (SASO) and preferred employers for its high market fame enjoyed by
It can be used to build, insulate or beautify facilities, villas and palaces as well as to insulate factories, large and small stores, gardens and insulate garages.

This product is manufactured by its own molds and is not done by the traditional cutting process as it is in traditional and regular panels
This type of panel (over-lab) is characterized by the fact that it interferes with each other with the composition (Male-Female)
That is, the edges of the panels overlap with each other to give excellent and unique features, which makes the total of the panels form among them a completely locked cell and thus a significantly higher thermal insulation as well as the strength and rigidity of the insulation with its cohesion between it and not allowing any thermal leakage as well as lack of absorption of water and moisture
. They are usually formed in panels measuring (125 x 61 cm) x 4 or 5 cm thick.
The common color is blue with the ability to change color as requested by the customer.
This type of panel features:
1- Very high thermal resistance and thermal delivery is not affected over time.
2- The transmission factor (thermal conduction) is very low, and the savings rate reaches 60% of electricity consumption
3- Light weight and ease of transportation as well as ease of installation and ease of cutting according to the right size and size4- Not absorbing water and moisture according to saudi specifications and standards (4.0-2.0)
5. It has no negative effect or adverse impact on the surrounding environment or on humans.
6. There are no chemical or negative effects on the surrounding atmosphere or individuals.
7. A good shock absorber, and in the case of combustion it does not produce any toxic gases and is fire resistant.
It is not affected by fungi and does not decompose with age.

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