Insulation or encapsulation panels

Maliki panels are used for thermal and acoustic insulation purposes, in construction and flatness works, and as insulating partitions between concrete castings. Among these uses:

Treating concrete and concrete expansion joints

It is also used as a concrete treatment to isolate concrete when it is exposed to high sunlight or in inclement weather, and it is of sizes 100 x 200 x 5 cm / or any special size upon request. It is recommended to use a density of 16 kg / m3 as the panels or slats are used as a spacer expansion between the concrete blocks. Such as hangars, warehouses, factories, etc. to avoid the process of expansion and contraction that occurs as a result of weather factors without any cracks or damage on the surface. It can also be used in road works, bridge panels and other construction contracting works.

Sound insulation

Noisy sound has become a by-product of daily life, it is just an irritant and can disturb our sleep, increase stress, violate our privacy, and such stressful, unwanted situations can be avoided with the help of Maliki's soundproof panels.

In modern days, there are different types of insulation solution materials available in the market to block out sound or noise in buildings

Al-Maliki Factory provides the best environmentally friendly economical solutions and methods

And the standard scale for the sheets is: 100 x 200 x 75 / 10cm Density: 18-20 Kg / m3

These panels are divided in terms of compressive strength or use into two types:

First: At high pressures: cold rooms, prefab homes, caravans and doors

As well as in thermal insulation work and applications of raising floors or filling low places, as well as between walls and roof insulation, as well as for some decoration works and others.

Second: at low pressures:

 In the work of packaging, such as shipping companies and containers, as well as the protection of transporting tools such as glass, etc., in advertising boards, filling spaces between building installations and others, and many other uses.

The used Maliki plates achieve the following benefits:

- High ability to insulate heat and sound, as well as reduce building loads.

Very light in weight, as densities from 8 to 50 kg / m3 can be produced, and special densities can be produced upon request.

- The standard thickness is from 5 mm to 1250 mm, and thicknesses can be higher by means of multiple layers by bonding.

Saving energy and thus basic cost savings.

- The advantage of not being decomposed with aging, as it does not have any negative impact on humans or the surrounding environment.

Note: Various sizes can be provided in different shapes, sizes and pressures as per customer request

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