Ice boxes and keep cold or heat

Ice cream - juices and soft drinks
Al-Maliki Factory provides many ice box products in terms of shape, size, and color. These boxes are characterized by their appropriate shape indicating the quality of the final product. Ice boxes are characterized by their ability to keep ice in its condition for long periods and prevent the proliferation of bacteria, as well as used to store hot foods or cold drinks such as juices and other and for other purposes. And many, whether to keep cold or heat.
Features of these funds:
 1- Environmentally friendly, can be recycled 100%
2- The high insulation property, which provides for the preservation of ice cream and drinks frozen and cold for a long time without changing its composition or properties.
3- It can be used for all cold purposes such as ice, soft drinks, ice cream, juices and many other products
4- It can be used to preserve heat as hot food for a long time without any negative impact on food.
5- It does not chemically interact with other products and has no negative effects on food products or drinks, whether cold or hot.
6- The ability to store them on top of each other at high altitudes, which is very practical and powerful. It can be used more than once without any problem on the product
7- It can be designed according to the market or customer’s request and the trade name can be engraved on it
8- Light rigidity and flexibility: withstand charging for long periods and distances without scratching the content
9- Its prices are very economical and competitive with all other products

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Packaging Templates

Expanded polystyrene wrapping is considered one of the best and safest methods ever, due to its high quality of thermal insulation and strength of cohesion in preserving products inside as well as its flexibility to withstand sudden shocks without any shock to the final product.

Filling Spaces

These products have great durability of all compressions and are operational as a good and durable unit. They are generally used to fill in different shapes and sizes in the construction of large buildings, bridges, roads, huge concrete structures and many other places.

Comprehensive insulation system developed

The building is fully and comprehensively encapsulating with polystyrene décor panels. It is used for two purposes at the same time:

Polystyrene Granules

hec-eps polystyrene granules are characterized by extreme lightness of weight and pearl white color and are considered fire resistant and of course made of extended polystyrene and the diameter of the one beloved ranges from 3 to 12 mm while the density ranges from 8 to 16 kg / m3