Cement block insulators

It is a slice of fire-resistant polystyrene and conforms to the requirements of the Saudi Standards and Standards Authority to be placed between two parts of the concrete block by the automatic block piston strongly and very tight to give the continuity of high-level thermal insulation and is interfered with concrete and is in a wet condition and after drying the concrete work the concrete side is low thickness on weight gain the other side contains a concrete cavity that helps to lighten In addition to the light insulation weight, thus the insulated block is formed excellently and tightly, and the weight is ideal for construction uses and this type of block is considered one of the most important types of insulation of the walls of construction.

Reasons for the superiority of the isolated cement block

1- The thickness of the insulation is 7.5 cm by 60% from the composite walls and the full width of approximately 9 cm.
2- The efficiency of polystyrene in insulation due to the decrease in thermal conduction of the material.
3- Fire resistant and conforming to Saudi specifications and standards.
4. It is characterized by high pressure durability as well as shock absorption
5- Its life span is very long and is resistant to bacteria and mold as well as moisture and its sizes do not vary with the progress of time.

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